Flyvervej 10, 4750 Lundby

Visit us

Visit Us

We welcome visitors, who want to experience life in community.
  • Are you curious to experience life in a community?
  • Are you looking for a place to reconnect with your self and nature?
  • Are you interested in sustainability, natural health, holistic nutrition and personal development?
  • Do you enjoy to be in an international environment?
The setting

We offer spacious, simple rooms in our grand home, formerly a school for aviators in training – and now the home of a new and sustainable project, Avnø Oasis. Our guiding principle is to compassionately connect with our selves, each other & the environment and contribute towards a thriving world.

We are situated at Avnø Fjord between Næstved and Vordingborg in Denmark, 5 minutes walk from Avnø Nature Center – in the middle of a nature reserve with both sea, forest and beach meadows – a very rich nature. Some of our rooms have a view to the sea, some towards the forest and some toward our inner yard.

How it is to be our guest

Each room has a private bathroom with toilet and shower. Bedsheets, towels and soap is available. There is a fast ethernet connection in each room and cables+adaptors for modern computers are available in the reception.

We cook delicious and very healthy food in our community kitchen.

There is access to a kitchenette on each floor, where you will be able to make a cup of tea, but not to cook, due to fire regulations and smell for other guests.