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Visit Us

- Are you looking for a place to settle down and live life as humans are supposed to?

- Do you crave a place that offers it all: A conscious community, a possibility to create your own green enterprise, a home centered in & around nature and the possibility of inspiring the rest of the world?

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We are happy to welcome visitors. It is important for us that your stay is a success for both you and us.

So please spend a few minutes to read through this.

  • Are you looking for a vacation in nature?
  • Are you curious to experience life in a community?
  • Are you interested in sustainability, natural health, holistic nutrition and personal development?
  • Do you enjoy to be in an international environment?
The setting

We offer spacious, simple rooms in our grand home, formerly a school for aviators in training – and now the home of a new and sustainable project, Avnø Oasis. The core principle of Avnø Oasis is to compassionately connect with our selves, each other & the environment and contribute towards a thriving world.

We are situated at Avnø Fjord between Næstved and Vordingborg in Denmark, 5 minutes walk from Avnø Nature Center – in the middle of a nature reserve with both sea, forest and beach meadows – a very rich nature. Some of our rooms have a view to the sea, some towards the forest and some toward our inner yard.

Room and board

Each room has a private bathroom with toilet and shower. Bedsheets, towels and soap is available. There is a fast ethernet connection in each room and cables+adaptors for modern computers are available in the reception.

We cook delicious and very healthy food in our community kitchen. You can book your stay with or without food.

There is access to a kitchenette on each floor, where you will be able to make a cup of tea, but not to cook, due to fire regulations and smell for other guests.

Reasons to visit

Curious to see the place, meet us and hear what the project is about?

Boost your health. Healthy food, naturewalks, fitness center, coaching / body-therapy.

Experience a healthier and more sustainable & community oriented lifestyle.

Enjoy nature, reflect, reconnect, write…  – Quiet time and very little interaction.

A place to sleep, while working, visiting friends, family or partaking in local events.

Study skills for life, health, ecopreneurship and a sustainable future at

If you want to volunteer (2 months or more) or explore if Avnø Oasis is your future home (4 months or more), please read more here