Flyvervej 10, 4750 Lundby

Status – Where are we now

Status – Where are we now

– (Updated July 23)

Avnø Oasis is a melting pot of core people and volunteers with a diverse range of skills and cultural backgrounds, who attempts to co-create a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Where are we now?
We are a core group consisting of a handful of people with a great vision and solid skills in regards to organisation, teaching, entrepreneurship, permaculture, ecovillage-design, holistic nutrition, gardening, green living, health, personal and spiritual development, sociocracy, …

We have focused the last years on building up the place and a good community culture. Avnø højskole is gaining momentum and is on a regular basis offering courses of 1-12 weeks duration on health, happiness, green living, ecovillage design, permaculture, sociocracy etc.

Every now and then we have also hosted events organized by aligned sister organizations.

There are several ways to participate in the project: As partner, explorer, external contributor or volunteer. People living here has a room with private bathroom. Couples usually share a room. We aim to be 20-30 grown-ups with our children.

Kystdirektoratet has clarified which activities we can get permission to run here and we are now in the process of making an appropriate local plan.

We are looking for potential partners of the project as well as volunteers who want to develop their skills while helping us to build up the place.

We aim to become around 30-35 adults plus the kids associated with them 🙂
Basic facts about our place
  • 21 ha of protected land (mostly forest + meadows) next to the sea in a nature reserve.
  • Usually there are between 10 and 20 core members and volunteers living here.
  • 73 large rooms with private bathrooms.
  • A commercial kitchen, large dining hall, living rooms, library, classrooms, Full size gym, Fitness room, 90 seat auditorium, workshop etc.
  • Table tennis, a billiard table, a pool table, table football, musical instruments and more to enjoy our spare time 🙂
  • Lots of business opportunities: 14.000 cars is passing by every year to the Nature Center at the end of the road => people who pass by in order to spend time in nature with nowhere to get a cup of tea.
  • We aim to grow as much as possible of what we eat.
  • The property is owned by a foundation with enough means to support us in our upstart phase. Once we are ready we will take over the ownership 🙂
Our working groups

The main working groups is established with aims and domains. Meetings are quite often informal and over the dinner table – other times more formal using sociocratic decision making.

Social Life and Activities

We eat our meals together. All meals are prepared in our commercial kitchen using macrobiotic principles, which is the most holistic approach to food, we know of. The bulk of the food consists of organic whole grains, beans, seeds & local vegetables, complemented with smaller amounts of fruits, nuts, seaweeds and animal foods (mostly fish and eggs). A vegan option is available upon request, when animal food are served.

Sometimes we sing, sit by the fireplace, watch movies together or play games. It’s up to each of us to organize the activities we need to nourish ourselves.

Other times we withdraw to connect with ourselves or nature. It is possible to sit at a quiet table or take your food outside at moments, where you feel the need to just be with yourself.