Flyvervej 10, 4750 Lundby

Join us

Join Us

We seek highly motivated volunteers & permanent residents with entrepreneurial spirits, who are ready to dedicate their energy & skills to realize our vision.
  • Are you curious to experience life in a community?
  • Are you interested in sustainability, natural health, holistic nutrition and  personal development?
  • Do you enjoy to be in an international environment?
  • Are you eager to put your body and mind to work in an intense combination of research, experiment, practical daily tasks and creation of a more sustainable model of life?
  • Are you motivated to invest time and effort into the development and improvement of Avnø Oasis?
Who thrive in community?
Community life is for you if you are ready to explore, learn, meet new people, take initiatives and discover new sides of your self.
It is for you, if you like to put your hands and skills into the experimental combination of communal life, management and administration, communication and research, community-building, personal development, emerging ecopreneurships and green projects, organic gardening, permaculture design & construction of local renewable heat- and energy systems…

Since we are not so many people yet, we all get to handle tasks and areas, which is unknown to us as well as routine tasks and “dirty” tasks like fixing the sewer system. Our days often take unexpected directions, when something unplanned happens. This means that we get good training on being on the edge of our comfort zone. We have learned that it is important to support each other in not going over the edge.

You are welcome to join the community for a period to explore if this is for you or as a volunteer to give us a hand.

Working groups

Since we have a large common area and all meals are served, everybody is part of at least one working group and dedicate a couple of hours per day to make Avnø Oasis a great place to live.

Social Life and Activities

We eat our meals together.

Sometimes we sing, sit by the fireplace, watch movies together or play games. It’s up to each of us to take initiative to the activities we need to nourish ourselves.

Other times we withdraw to connect with ourselves or nature. It is possible to sit at a quiet table or take your food outside at moments, where you feel the need to just be with yourself.

Most of us enjoy to take part in courses and events organised by Avnø højskole.