Flyvervej 10, 4750 Lundby

Avnø Oasis – an ecovillage project


– an ecovillage project

We compassionately connect to ourselves, each other & the environment and contribute towards a thriving planet.

We are grateful for the donation that made it possible to finance Avnø Oasis. When we asked for a loan, a generous person decided to create a foundation.

We designed Vitalitetsfonden so that it – once Avnø Oasis takes over the ownership – will be able to support more projects in the start-up phase.

Our organisation

All activities will be run through the foundations CVR, until the local plan is ready and Avnø Oasis buys the property from the foundation.

Read more about Oasis Avnø co-housing community, Oasis Avnø regenerative enterprises, or Avnø Højskole (People’s College).

Our governance model - Sociocracy / Dynamic self governance.

  • Sociocracy gives everybody an equal voice and is fully transparent
  • Everybody participates in working groups matching their skills and  interest.
  • Every working group has clearly defined goals and mandate to make decisions and create subgroups within their area of responsibility.
  • Recurring tasks are often formulated as role descriptions. Elections are made, if several can handle the task.
  • Decisions are based on no objections & valid for given period.
  • Objections should be made, if a decision violates vision, mission, aims or values.
  • Working groups are double linked as leaders of subgroups are chosen by their mother group and subgroups chooses one of their members to represent them in the mother group. Both leader and representative are members of both groups.
Our meal program

For us food is a high priority. The bulk of the food consists of organic whole grains, beans, seeds & local vegetables, complemented with fermented foods, fruits, nuts, seaweeds and a small amount of animal foods (mostly fish and eggs). A vegan option will be provided for vegan people.

We use the macrobiotic principles in our food preparation, because it is the most holistic and least dogmatic approach to food we know of. Since it is an ENERGETIC APPROACH to food it allows us to assess foods as appropriate or inappropriate in regards to a certain purpose, rather than judging them as good or bad in an absolute sense. It opens the door to a much richer life on a higher vibration.

The macrobiotic principles also offers a safe approach to the vegan diet, which is becoming increasingly more popular both for ideological and climate reasons.

Besides tasting and looking delicious, this slow food diet open up our senses to the world around us, allows us to compassionately connect to ourselves, each other & the environment, strengthens the feeling of community, puts all of us on the same wave length, activates the body’s self-healing powers, and is kind to the earth.

  • Preparing a macrobiotic meal is a process of conscious creation, which begins with focusing on the needs of the people, who is going to eat the meal.
  • We mostly use unrefined, local, and organic ingredients, which is primarily plant based and free of sugar, coffee, food additives and other stimulants. We already have a small herb and veggie garden. Wonderful desserts with slower sweeteners, grain coffee and herbal teas are provided.
  • Based on people’s needs and the available ingredients a menu is created.

If this is a change in your diet, you may experience some changes in body and mind as they heal and adjust to living on a higher vibration.